Heart Of Borneo Expedition

Betung Kerihun National Park.

The recent July 2015 Heart Of Borneo Expedition to Kapuas Hulu West Kalimantan was a joint expedition between Caroline Pang Photography, Borneo Passages (Sabah) and KOMPAKH, a community based ecotourism organisation in Kapuas Hulu. Heart Of Borneo (HoB) is a conservation initiative of three countries (Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei) and NGO supported to conserve the […]

Punggol Eco-Town


Singapore’s first eco-town at ‪Punggol is a massive experiment ground to make public housing more eco-friendly. The waterway park meandering through the town, provides this new township with an experience of eco living lifestyle. Now, I might sound a little like a property marketeer. This is an impressive project by the Housing Development Board (HDB), one of […]



This aggressive male pig tail macaque was trying to claim his territory from a few other male macaques across the river. I was observing the behaviour from a boat under the tree which is on the river bank. So I get almost all shots from a 180 degrees angle. The colour of the bare tree […]