Photo By Claude Pesant


Caroline Pang is a travel and editorial photographer based in Singapore. 

She travels extensively around Asia, taking on commissioned photography for businesses and non-profit organisations.

Caroline photographs travel destinations, people, unique culture and nature. She provides high quality visual content for newswires, travel and hospitality industries and fundraising campaigns.

Her work are published in worldwide media including Bhutan Druk Air in-flight magazines, British Airways, New York Times, Fujifilm X-Magazines and National Geographic Asia Expeditions.

She is also a contributing photographer for Getty Images and Alamy.

Caroline teaches photography in Singapore and lead photography expeditions to exotic destinations around Asia. 

Articles Written About Her Work



  • Commission photography in Singapore and beyond to customise visual content for your branding. 


  • Teach travel and night photography (in-person and online workshops)

  • Lead photography expeditions to Borneo, Mongolia, Bhutan and Nepal


  • Supply high quality and diverse range of travel and nature stock images of Singapore and around Asia.