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About Caroline Pang

Caroline is an accomplished photographer and educator based in Singapore. She provides stills, moving images, and real-time news visuals for businesses, newswires and non-profit organisations.

With over three decades of combined experience in tour operations, hotel management, and marketing communications for an international non-governmental organisation, Caroline has made photography an essential part of her work since the early 1990s. She captures some of the most remote places and modern cities, highlighting the charms of diverse and unique global cultures, people, and nature.


Caroline's work has been published worldwide, including in-flight magazines of Bhutan's Druk Air and British Airways, feature stories in The New York Times, special reports in Bloomberg, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization reports, IUCN palm oil and biodiversity reports, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Fujifilm X-Magazine, and National Geographic Asia Expeditions. She is also a contributing photographer for Getty Images. Her work as a photographer is also published in this article


In Singapore, Caroline teaches photography. Her unique teaching style and passion for visual storytelling have earned her many excellent ratings. 

Photo credit: Pauline Paquin

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