Deepavali Lights At Little India

The Indian and Hindu communities in Singapore and worldwide will be celebrating Diwali or Deepavali this end of October. It is the Festival Of Lights. The colourful  Deepavali arch decoration along the Serangoon road is light up every night around 7 pm until midnight to celebrate the festival. 

Little India is so colourful and vibrant at night with so much going on, from the temple to the streets. Delve into the busy streets of night markets along stretches of colourful shophouses for street photography. Also there are a few good restaurants that served one of the best Indian and other South Asian cuisines. 

The Veeramakaliamman Temple, one of Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple along the Serangoon Road should also be on the list. It is interesting to witness the Pooja, a Hindu offering ritual that takes place every morning and evening. Temple musicians will be playing music of worships during the pooja. The temple music are lively, a combination of sounds from the flutes and beat of the drums to praise the gods and deities. 

Tips For Low Light Photography:

1. Use a tripod to avoid camera shake.

2. Widen your aperture and increase your ISO when you don’t have a tripod. The aperture settings between f/2.8 to f/5.6 will allow more light to enter your camera so you won’t get a camera shake. Increase the ISO gradually to compensate the setting. Take note that higher ISO will create noise in your image.

3. Narrow your aperture between f/11 to f/22, to get motion blur, light trails or light burst but you will need a tripod to achieve this. 

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