Punggol Beach In Singapore

This is that part of Singapore that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located in the northeast side of Singapore. The beach stretches along the Straits of Johor. It is an interesting site for landscape photography.

Part of the beach is covered with huge black boulders which makes the beach landscape looks eerie yet fascinating. 

Punggol beach is one of the three massacre sites known as the Sook Ching Massacre that happened during the World War Two Japanese invasion. This is now part of the Singapore Heritage Trail. 

Across the sea is Pasir Gudang, Malaysia’s oil and gas refinery site. Colourful cranes and tankers can be seen from far adding colours to the dull seascape. 

Punggol beach is also a popular spot for anglers. Serious anglers are seen along the beach and jetty. Some with a few fishing rods stuck to the sand or tighten to some steel panels, waiting for a bite on their baits. This makes people photography equally interesting over here. 

I am there for the sunset and landscape photography. Best time to get there is around 4.30 pm onwards. Most of the time, it has quite a dramatic sky, especially when rain clouds are forming. So take cover away from the beach to avoid lightnings. 

Pack your tripod, ND filters if any, remote trigger, enough of batteries and memory cards, plenty of drinking water, hat, sunscreen and insect repellant. You might need some snacks while waiting for the sun to set. 

Time-lapse photography is great too with a mix of the colourful sunset, the sea and beach. Having said all that, do enjoy the sceneries away from your viewfinder and LCD once in a while. 

There are two ways of getting there. I prefer to get on Bus 84 from Punggol bus interchange which is outside of Punggol MRT station. It goes right to the end of the Punggol Road where the beach is located. From there, take a walk along the beach to look for a good location for landscape photography. 

The other way is to get onto the light rapid transit (LRT), which is in the same building as the Punggol MRT station. Get on the LRT and alight at Punggol Point. Some part of this area is still under construction. There is not much of an interesting scenery from this end. However, it is possible to stroll for another 30 minutes or so to the other side of the beach where the boulders and jetty are located. 

The jetty at Punggol Beach.

Fishing rods along the Punggol Beach, a site known for anglers.

Fishing along the Straits Of Johor.

Punggol Beach

Selfie at the jetty on Punggol Beach

Finding a spot to fish along the Punggol Beach.

Punggol Beach covered with huge black boulders.

Dark huge boulders covering part of Punggol Beach.

The contrast of sunset sky and huge dark boulders along the Punggol Beach.

Punggol Beach with a background of dramatic sky.

Punggol Beach with a background of dramatic sky.

Selfie on the dark boulder along Punggol Beach.

Colourful cranes across the Strait Of Johor.

Here is a short video of Punggol Beach that I have put together with photographs that I have shot over the years. Best to watch in high definition of 720p.

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