Smartphone Food Photography

It was a personal creative project that I took up during the recent one month plus COVID19 lockdown.

These are basically food and fruit items that can be found at home. The props were nothing fancy, just a black wok and a dark coloured mat for backgrounds.

These photos were shot with an iPhone XS Max, with post editing on Lightroom mobile apps.

The concept was minimalist photography of still life image of food. So I kept the props as simple as possible and focus only at one item at a time.

Depicting freshness of these fruits, I sprayed some water onto it and played around with melting ice.

Shot flat lay with negative space to create editorial layout.

Smartphones are clever in emulating shallow depth of field just like a DSLR.

Here are some photos that I called it “Balancing The Diet”.

Smartphone food photography, the lockdown project. Impressive photography that a smartphone can do. You just need to get a few techniques right.

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