Testing Lens Clarity

One of the ways for me to test the clarity of a lens and its depth of field is by shooting black and white images like these to look at how much details and texture can be captured using a wide aperture settings. I chose plants, with details that are so small and fine, to see how well the lens can define. 

The lens is the SEL70200GM which is Sony’s G-Master series of high end lenses for its full frame cameras. This camera body is Sony A7Riii, a full frame camera. Both equipment were supplied by Sony Singapore. 

Shooting mode is in Aperture priority, set between f/2.8 and f/4.5 to achieve that shallow depth of field. I was using both manual focussing and AF. The AF mode was fast and accurate for capturing swaying plants due to the wind. 

The steady shot function on the lens is definitely great to avoid camera shake, especially after a few cups of coffee and having to zoom in and out. You gotta to be very steady with those hands. 

Also I like the way the lens gradually smoothen out the area that is not in focus. This effect is more noticeable when the image is shot in black and white.  See the photos below.

Having those three focus hold buttons on the lens is a smart thought by Sony. This means, I don’t have to keep looking through the menu to pull out my frequently used functions. For me, it was a shortcut to Metering, Peaking Levels and Silent Shooting, customised onto those buttons. I can have my eyes on the viewfinder and press each of the buttons on the lens for any of the required function. These buttons were particularly useful when I was photographing otters.

The outcome of the images shot with the SEL70200GM is amazingly crisp and sharp. Texture and intensity of the focussed area are well defined. I did minor post processing of  these images in Lightroom, such as converting them to Black and White and enhancing the contrast so the subject pops. 

The SEL70200GM besides being the best fast lenses for sports and wildlife photography, is definitely great for close up and macro shots as well.  The G-Master lenses command high resolution which I can’t agree more. I am definitely pleased with this combo of Sony’s full frame  A7Riii and SEL70200GM. One set back is the weight. The arm tend to get tired after shooting hand held for a length of time. 

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