Cinemagraph Workshop

Learn the art of making photos come alive !

5 hours

Caroline conduct cinemagraph workshop incorporating photography or video to capture the subject of interest.

In this one to one workshop, she will coach participant to conceptualise images or footage into cinemagraph

This workshop will be conducted outdoor for photography and indoor to create the cinemagraph.

Pre-Workshop Discussion

There will be a pre-workshop discussion with the participant to identify the subject of interest to film or photograph. The content of the workshop will be designed according to the participant's needs. 

The cinemagraph creation apps will be downloaded by the participant prior to the workshop. Take note that the application only work on either a Mac OS or an iOS operating system. Caroline will go through the application used for creating cinemagraph and its function. 


SGD 450.00 per person

(include professional photography tutorial on photography and cinemagraph creation only) 

Group Size:

This is a one to one workshop. If you have a group, please keep it to a maximum of 4 persons only. This is to ensure that each one gets full attention to work side by side with Caroline for instruction, advice and sharing of knowledge.

Book A Spot

To book this workshop,  email us or get in touch using the following contact form.

Things to bring and wear for this workshop

1. Your camera (DSLR, mirrorless or any digital camera)

2. Wide angle lens. If you have any other lens that you want to try it out, please feel free to bring them.

3. Tripod

4. Remote trigger

5. Few fully charged batteries

6. Memory cards

7.  MacBook or iPad with pre-installed cinemagraph app from Flixel.

8. External hard disk drive for storage or iCloud storage 

9. Sunscreen

10. Drinking water

11. Comfortable clothing

12. Comfortable walking shoes or sandal


Any day. Subject to availability.

Starts / Ends:

9 am - 2 pm

(We will break for snack or lunch in between but it won't affect the workshop duration of 5 hours.  Expect to go over the stated time)

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