Naran Tuul

As a travel photographer, my interest includes sussing out places that locals go to. Naran Tuul is one of those places for me to delve into and find out what Mongolians trade in their daily marketplace. 

This flea market is located in Ulaanbaatar, selling almost everything and anything, from exotic goods to outdoor gears. Some refer to it as the black market. 

It is interesting to stroll through Naran Tuul market even if you are not buying anything, simply to immerse into the local scenes and to observe local cultures.  

Everything is sold in mass, from sunglasses to all kind of ropes. There is always something unusual that catches my eyes as I explore section by section, in the hustle and bustle of a market with a language that is foreign to my ears. If you want to communicate, sign language is the main medium.

New colourful apartment blocks surround the market compound creating quite a contrast. 

Near the entrance, there are individuals that offer weighing machines for a few hundred Tugrik for anyone who wants to check their weight. 

Photography is not very welcome here. Some vendors can be quite abrupt, stating no photography even before I point my camera at anything or anyone. 

So do respect their privacy. Be street smart and know when and where to photograph. Beware of pickpockets and keep that camera equipment safe.  

The market is open every day except public holidays.

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