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Boat Quay And Circular Road Series

Updated: Jul 16

It was a Friday night on the 4th June 2021 and we were still on a heightened alert until 13th June 2021 to curb the COVID-19 community infection.

I was on my way to get some takeaways and I was carried away by the night sceneries along the Singapore river and in the vicinity. I have the habit of carrying a small camera and a light tripod in my bag incase some unplanned moment like this happen.

Along the Singapore river on a Friday evening.

I deviated from my route for a moment to admire this scenery. The river was so still with beautiful reflection of the Asian Civilisation Museum.

Row of restaurants along Boat Quay.

Despite no dining in during this period, Boat Quay is still bursting with colours in the night. This street is usually bustling with people, unwinding at bars and restaurants especially towards the weekend.

Boat Quay.

Deserted street between Boat Quay and Circular Road. Shutter down for some businesses.

UOB Plaza One.

It is quite a sight in the back lane with a combination of modern and old architecture. UOB Plaza One is one of the three tallest buildings in Singapore.

Back lane of Boat Quay.

More back lane night photography. Interesting colourful shophouses. 7-11 is the only one that never closed for business. 24/7 period.

Moving forward towards Circular Road. Dining in is not allowed, only takeaways. Therefore, many restaurants in the vicinity are closed.

Circular Road, just behind Boat Quay is as quiet and deserted. It feels like midnight but it is only 8 pm.

Once in awhile, a car will drive through.

One Japanese restaurant along this quiet street is opened for business.

Along the five foot way of these shophouses with no one in sight.

A deserted downtown but yet an interesting night shots captured along the way.

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