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How To Photograph In Low Light And Night?

In this post, I am sharing simple techniques of photographing in low light and the night without the use of a flashlight.

There are a few challenges to overcome but some basic technical know-how and spending more time out there to photograph will help you to master these techniques. 

Low light and night photography can be quite addictive and therapeutic once you get the hang of it.


Let's start with sunset photography, almost everyone's favourite time of the day. There is a moment when the colour of light changes to red at sunset. It gives that satisfying warm feeling to end a day. Although such an effect can also be enhanced with filters, I prefer to photograph the natural phenomenal change of light without a filter.

This image was captured at Ende, a small and laid-back town on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Children were rounding up a game of basketball as the sun started to set.

Sunset and silhouette are a perfect combination to photograph. Silhouette is nice when the shape of the subject is recognisable.