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How to photograph high-speed subjects with an iPhone?

When using the iPhone camera to capture an image of a super fast-moving subject like a race car, the result usually ends with a blurry subject, just like those captured in Photos 1 and 2.

You cannot control the shutter speed on iPhone. iPhone controls the shutter speed. Lighting is another issue. Good light equals a good photo. In bad light, you will get blurry images.

A third-party camera app with features that can be controlled manually will be able to freeze the subject.

For this shoot, I used the Lightroom mobile camera on my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The Lightroom mobile camera was set as follows:

1. File format set to DNG (high-resolution raw image for photo editing).

2. Use PRO mode for the camera.

3. Adjust the exposure compensation depending on the lighting at that moment.

4. Adjust the shutter speed and ISO. I was shooting at a shutter speed of 1/1250 sec. I kept the ISO low to avoid grainy images. Most of the time, I was shooting at ISO400.

5. Use the wide-angle lens as much as possible to ensure sharpness.

6. Manual focus on the subject to enhance the sharpness.

7. Use the volume button for burst. It will be able to take about 10 frames per second.

The final result is in Photos 3 and 4. The race car was captured sharply.

How to shoot a race car with an iPhone?

Photo 1 - Using the iPhone in-camera app will not be able to give you much control over the shutter speed.

How to shoot a race car with an iPhone?

Photo 2 - This is the result of shooting the race car with the iPhone camera using the burst mode. The subject is still blurry.

How to shoot a race car with an iPhone?

Photo 3 - Using the Lightroom mobile app camera on my iPhone 13 Pro Max, I was able to manually control the speed and ISO. In this case, I was shooting at 1/1250 with ISO400, handheld in burst mode.

How to shoot a race car with an iPhone?

Photo 4 - The Lightroom mobile app camera at 1/1250 with ISO400 freezes the race car. The subject was manually focussed to enhance the sharpness.


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