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iPhone Food Photography

The concept is minimalist photography of still-life images of food. These images were shot on iPhone XS Max.

We eat with our eyes, don't you agree?

Therefore food shots have to look enticing and not too complicated which would kill one's appetite. I use natural light to draw out the details of each food subject.

Some of this food was shot during one of my iPhone Food Photography Workshops.

These are basic items that are found at home. I like to keep the props as simple as possible and focus only on one food item at a time with a balanced negative space.

The props were nothing fancy, just a black wok and a dark-coloured mat for the background.

I sprayed cold water onto these fruits and used dry ice to create a fog-like form of a refrigerator to show the freshness.

Flat lays shots are great for editorial layouts. iPhone does a pretty good job with an indicator to make the flat lay very precise.

iPhone cameras and most smartphones are good at emulating shallow depth of field just like a DSLR lens.

It is impressive what an iPhone camera and most smartphone cameras can do these days. You just need to get a few techniques to make the image pops.

The iPhone food photography workshop includes learning post-editing on third-party apps to enhance each image.

The final work has a perfect resolution for upload on any social media platforms as well as on websites, as seen in this post.

Here are some tips to get that amazing shots of food with your iPhone:

  1. Use natural light as much as possible

  2. Composition is vital. Use the Rule of Third to compose your image. Switch on the phone camera's grid line to help you with that.

  3. Work on the depth of field. Get closer for a nice shallow depth of field to make the subject pops. Avoid using the 2x zoom which make not give you a crisp image.

  4. Use props to liven up your subject but do not overdo it.


Interested to create product images using your iPhone or any smartphone?

Contact me for a custom-made workshop.

Check out my iPhone Photography Workshop to learn more about your iPhone camera capabilities.

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