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Night Photography At Boat Quay

Boat Quay is one of the three vibrant and colourful quays along the Singapore River. These are historical quays of Singapore, lined with colourful shophouses along the riverbanks, an architecture that is unique to Singapore. It is a recommended location for night photography which night shutterbugs will have plenty to explore.

Singapore nightlife is not all so quiet and boring if it weren’t for this pandemic. These photos were taken in mid-June 2021 during the heightened alert to curb COVID-19 community infection. The street of Boat Quay is usually bustling with people, unwinding at bars and restaurants, especially towards the weekend. Despite that, the charm of Boat Quay lives on and always bursting with colours at night.

Singapore River was so still on this night which created a beautiful reflection of the Parliament House and Asian Civilisation Museum.

Opposite Boat Quay across the Singapore River is this picturesque night landscape of Singapore's Civic District. The calm water of the river creates a glass-like reflection of those buildings. Most buildings in this vicinity are of historical significance.

The Fullerton Hotel, which is one of Singapore's national monuments is on the far right. The building to the left is The Asian Civilisation Museum. The clock tower behind the Asian Civilisation Museum is part of the Victoria Theater and Concert Hall which is also a national monument.

Colourful row of restaurants and bars along Boat Quay at night.

Along Boat Quay, restaurants and bars with colourful lights lined the street. Empty in the sense that there isn't any crowd as it used to be. No dining in at the time this photo was taken. Only takeaways were allowed.

Shutter down for some pubs in Boat Quay during the COVID-19 heightened alert.

Deserted street between Boat Quay and Circular Road. Shutter down for some businesses during the pandemic partial lockdown.

UOB Plaza One.

In the back lane, it was quite a sight with a combination of modern and old architecture. UOB Plaza One, the centrepiece, is one of the three tallest buildings in Singapore.

Back lane of Boat Quay.

Towards Circular Road, parallel to Boat Quay and the Singapore River, there are a few creatively painted shophouses. Singapore is a fine city. Even the back lane is clean and rubbish bins are nicely positioned.

Five-foot-way of a shophouse along Circular Road. The walkway of these shophouses measured five feet wide. The structure was introduced during the British colony to protect pedestrians from the hot weather.

Empty street at Circular Road.

Once in a while, cars pass by this lonely street.

One Japanese restaurant on the quiet street was opened for takeaway.

Light trails capture from the five-foot way of these shophouses.

What do you need for night photography?

  1. A camera (DSLR, Mirrorless or even a point-and-shoot).

  2. Lens (wide-angle lenses of 16mm, 18mm and 24mm would be great for this type of shoot).

  3. Tripod is a must.

  4. Remote trigger. You can download your camera’s phone apps to your smartphone and use that as a remote trigger too.

  5. Lens hood.

  6. Spare batteries.

  7. Spare storage card.

There is plenty to explore for night photography along this stretch of the Singapore River to Marina Bay. Look out for my next blog for a list of recommended locations in Singapore for photography.


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