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Singapore Shot On iPhone 13 Pro

Updated: May 28

Spectacular views of Singapore at sunrise and sunset were shot on iPhone 13 Pro on different days and at different times. Image quality is excellent, crisp and sharp.

These photos were shot in Apple ProRAW format. iPhone photography has evolved so much. Being able to shoot in this format is useful because some of my assignments are specifically requesting photography and videography using the iPhone 13. Just like a DSLR RAW file, each ProRAW file stores more details. It has higher image quality, which means it is also ten times larger than the JPEG and HEIF files of the normal iPhone photo. It will take up more storage in the phone. Ultimately it gives more editing opportunities and control during post-processing.

ProRAW files use the industry-standard digital negative (DNG). You can edit it with the iPhone Photo app or any other photo editing app that opens a DNG file. I am using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for post-editing these photos on my MacBook Pro. When I am on the move, the iPhone Photo app is the most convenient way to edit my photos.

Aerial view of Singapore's sunset shot on iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 13 Pro has three 12MP camera systems - ultra-wide (.5), wide (1x) and telephoto (3). This sunset photo was taken with the ultra-wide (.5). That is equivalent to a 13 mm lens. It shows the vastness of this landscape but beware of the distortion.

Colourful Chinatown shophouses shot on iPhone 13 Pro.

Colourful shophouses with terra-cotta roofs in Chinatown. Shot with the ultra-wide. There was a tiny distortion which was fixed in Lightroom.

Chinatown shot on iPhone 13 Pro.

Colourful residential blocks and recreation areas in Chinatown. Shot vertically with the ultra-wide to create a dramatic landscape. I tend to use a lot of the ultra-wide. I like the creativity that it could do to the scenery.

Marina Bay shot on iPhone 13 Pro.

Marina Bay and beyond. This was shot with the ultra-wide to include all the required features to create this scenery. Amazing details were sharply captured including those ships in the background.

Marina Bay Sands close up shot on iPhone 13 Pro telephoto.

I took this shot with the 3x optical zoom to get a little closer to the Marina Bay Sands. The 3x optical zoom is equivalent to a 77mm lens. The photo is sharp and crisp.

Pinnacle@Duxton shot on iPhone 13 Pro.

The Pinnacle@Duxton is the world's tallest public residential building of 50 storeys with seven connected towers and two sky gardens of 500 metres each, which is the longest ever built on skyscrapers. This was shot with the 3x optical zoom in.

Esplanade, Theatres On The Bay shot on iPhone 13 Pro.

The Esplanade, Theatres On The Bay, also knowns as the "Durians" due to their spiky roofs. This was shot with the ultra-wide to include those white and grey buildings in the background which have nice architectural designs. Those are the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Suntec City.

Singapore at sunset, aerial view, shot on iPhone 13 Pro.

Suburban Singapore is a combination of shophouses, high rise residential and commercial buildings. This photo was taken right after a heavy downpour. Siltation is visible on the Singapore River. I used the 1x zoom to take this shot. The 1x zoom is the default and also the regular wide-angle lens on all iPhones. It is equivalent to a 26mm lens.

Singapore central business district, shot on iPhone 13 Pro.

Looking down at one of the busy roads within the Central Business District, this was shot vertically using the ultra-wide. This allows more interesting elements to be captured, such as patterns, cars, road markings, greenery and a partial view of the surrounding buildings. The ultra-wide nailed it again to create a realistic sense of place.

Verdict - You will expect to get high-quality images from shooting in RAW. The details on each photo are excellent from this iPhone 13 Pro camera.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about the iPhone 13 photography or videography. If you need any help with your iPhone photography, check out my iPhone Photography Workshop. I do customised photography workshops in Singapore or around Asia, get in touch with me with your requirements.

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