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Videos Shot On iPhone

These videos were filmed with an iPhone 13 Pro Max which produced stunning and sharp 4K and cinematic footage. Some footage was captured with the Filmic Pro app for better control of ISO, white balance and many more. All videos were edited with the InShot video editor.

Videos capture memories that can be watched over and over again. And you don’t have to be a pro to know how to shoot video. There are many interesting video features in the iPhone, especially with the latest ones such as cinematic effects. The stabilisation is great too, allowing just handheld to take even steadier footage than before.

Shooting videos is fun.

Watch these videos shot at different locations ...

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Vibes

Chinatown is always bustling with people and activities. This is one of the best locations to shoot travel and street footage, venturing along main streets and back lanes, to capture people, their activities and the unique features of the place. Chinatown is surrounded by colourful post-war buildings built in the early 1900s. These shophouses are Singapore's heritage.

Stadium Riverside Walk

Early morning shoot around the vicinity of Singapore National's stadium and the riverside walk to Tanjung Rhu. This location is great for sunrise photography.

Little India, Singapore

Colourful, vibrant and the air smells of aromatic spices. Some of the great South Asian restaurants are here. Stalls selling fresh vegetables and flowers for the gods and deities are lined up along the busy streets. This is another great location for street photography and videography.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Capturing the mood and vibes at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The shopping crowd is back, locals and tourists. Everything is alive again.


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