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White Balance For Sunset Shots

Updated: May 31

You can create the desired sunset warmth with white balance without using a neutral density (ND) filter.

This technique is particularly helpful if you are shooting in JPEG and not in RAW. RAW images can be post processed later with any digital post processing software to obtain the desired result.

JPEG images are more restricted in manipulating its details later. Therefore, in-camera adjustment have to be almost precise to get the result.

Jewel Bridge in Punggol, Singapore at sunset.
Fujifilm X-T100, ISO400, f/11, 1/60

This photo was shot with very simple setting to the White Balance in order to obtain this warmth hue. The following images will walk you through the settings.

White balance setting on camera using K-temperature.

Set your White Balance using the Kelvin (K) temperature to create a yellowish warmth. The K white balance setting helps to set the desired colour temperature which presets white balance cannot achieved.

Adjust the tint to make further colour adjustments.

Next, adjust the White Balance Shift to fine tune the white balance. Click the shutter and you will get the result similar to the first photo.

Colours of twilight. Sky is almost diffused and pink tones are starting to immerse.
Fujifilm X-T100, ISO200, f/11, 1/60

Capturing the colours of twilight. The sky is almost diffused and pink tones are starting to immerse. This is the same location as the first photo. It was shot about 20 minutes later.

See the following slight changes that I have made to get this shot.

Keep the K-temperature at 5000 for the warmness.

Then make a slight adjustment to the tint by moving it to the lower right in the White Balance Shift. This is to draw out the twilight layers of pink tone in the sky.

There you have it with the White Balance settings.

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