Ongi Monastery was once the largest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. The huge complex consists of two monasteries, each located on each side of the Ongi river in Central Mongolia. Some of the foundations are still visible and scattered across the plain.

The monastery was founded in 1660 and housed about one thousand monks in those years. Another section of the monastery was built in the 18th century. Ongi Monastery was completely destroyed in 1939 during the anti-religious purging by the communist party, killing more than 200 monks.

The ancient ruins were left untouched, slowly fading throughout the years from natural causes such as wind, snow and heat. Some restoration work was proposed and is gradually taking place.

From the highest point of this location, there is a clear view of the river and the surrounding harsh landscapes which consist of low lying hills with no vegetation.

Like any photographic documentation of ancient historical ruins, it requires some imagination to relate the history to the present moment in order to be able to produce soulful images of the site.

Sunset is stunning in this part of Mongolia. The nearest ger camp is the Secret Of Ongi, which is within walking distance to this location.

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