Caroline Pang is a Singapore-based travel, editorial and cinemagraph photographer. She specialised in documenting travel destinations, people, lifestyle, unique culture and nature around Asia and beyond.

She provides high quality visual content for newswires, businesses (travel, tourism, hotels, magazines and startups), non-profit organisations and individual projects.

Her works are published in worldwide media, including Bhutan Druk Air in-flight magazine, British Airways, New York Times, Fujifilm X-Magazines and National Geographic Asia Expedition. She is also a contributing photographer for Getty Images and Alamy.

Caroline has a background in destination marketing and sustainable tourism development. She was a tour operator-turned-conservationist and photographer.

Her interest in photography started in the 90s during her career in tourism management with one of Malaysia's leading Destination Management Companies (DMC). She was actively involved in developing nature-based tourism in the Southeast Asia region and promoting them worldwide.

Caroline spent a great deal of her time in the natural environment. These experiences fuelled up her interest in environmentalism which led her into a career switch with WWF, an international Non-Governmental Organisation. She held the position of senior communicator for one of their projects to advocate for the sustainable use of wetlands.

When the project term ended, she sets off as a freelance photographer to document exotic places and nature conservation initiatives around Asia. She organise and leads "photography expeditions for a cause", collaborating with community-based conservation organisations to create awareness and raise funds to support their grassroots work.

In Singapore, when she is not on assignments, she teaches travel and night photography.


Current Project

Caroline is working on an ongoing project to document Asia's varieties - ranging from its remoteness to modernity, from natural forest to urban jungle. She intend to showcase the bundle of charms and uniqueness within a diverse culture of the Asian people. There are many similarities across Asia yet there are many differences. This will lead to a production of a documentary and a photographic book on her journey of discovery. 

Photo: Maximus, Chief of the Wolo Clan in central Flores sharing photos and information with Caroline during one of her Indonesia photographic explorations. 

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Photos By Claude Pesant.

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