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iPhone Photography Workshop

Your iPhone is capable of taking stunning and amazing photos and videos. This 1.5 hours workshop will help you to take your iPhone photography to the next level. At the end of this workshop, you will expect to have the fundamental skills in taking professional looking photos and videos with your phone. 

The evening session is recommended. You will learn to work with low light challenges and the know-how to acquire stunning and colourful night photos and videos. 


  1. Learn composition to better your smartphone photography

  2. Discover ways to work with light and to create lighting effects 

  3. Identify useful in-camera settings for interesting effects 

  4. Post editing of images with third party apps


  1. Your will know how to use all the different in-camera mode for photo and video taking

  2. Your composition skill will improve

  3. You will understand how to work with light in all lighting situations to create stunning images

  4. You will be able to create images with different effects

  5. You will know how to enhance your iPhone photos with editing apps

What Do You Need For The WorkshoP?

  1. Fully charged iPhone of any model with the latest updates

  2. External battery charger

  3. Drinking water

  4. Wear comfortable clothing.  

  5. Wear comfortable walking shoes or sandal

  6. Tripod - only for the evening workshop

1.5 Hours


(10 am - 11.30 am,

6.30 pm - 8 pm)


Any Day Subject To Availability

$80.00 Per Person


(Minimum 2 Persons,

Private Workshop)



Clarke Quay


She was a great teacher taking us through all the iPhone photo settings including taking photos of different scenes. Her explanations were very clear, and examples spot on. She took the time to show us the editing features as well. Video capabilities and Slow Motion is not something we use often so going through practical examples were great ~~~ Jan, April 2021


Caroline is a very professional photographer with an enormous experience, a lot of patience and a excellent humor. She taught me many tips and tricks on my iPhone which are so helpful. Although we were a group of three persons with different smartphones, Caroline took her time for each of her students while in the meantime the others had a small little task to complete. I can highly recommend Caroline's workshop on smartphone photography ~~~ Eve, 16th Feb 2021

This workshop was awsome. I learned so many things, not only about my camera but also about photography in general. Caroline is very hands on and I could benefit from her experience. Can absolutely recommend her services. Looking forward taking some new shoots now ~~~ Yamuna 

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Photos and videos on this page were shot on different iPhone models and edited on iMovie.

DJI OM4 and Hohem iSteadyX gimbals were used for some video footage. 

iPhone photography workshop

Workshops are conducted at locations that give you the best learning experience.

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Learn to create professional food images using the minimalist concept with your iPhone or smartphone for your social media content. 


Contact me for a custom-made workshop.


Gallery - PHOTOS Shot On iPhone

Capturing speed at night with iPhone.
Capturing stunning night colours with iPhone.
The amazing quality of low light photography by iPhone camera.
iPhone Night Photography Workshop
Capturing speed with iPhone camera.
iPhone Photography Workshop
iPhone Night Photography Workshop
iPhone Photography Workshop
Creative iPhone Photography Workshop
iPhone Night Photography Workshop
iPhone Night Photography Workshop
iPhone Night Photography Workshop
iPhone Night Photography Workshop
iPhone Night Photography Workshop
iPhone Night Photography Workshop
iPhone Photography Workshop
iPhone Photography Workshop
Sunset iPhone Photography Workshop
Shot on iPhone
iPhone Night Photography Workshop


  1. This is an outdoor private workshop with a minimum of TWO participants to go.

  2. If you have a group, it is recommended to keep the group size to six persons to ensure quality coaching is extended to every participant.

  3. Fee includes professional photographer and tutorial.

  4. Fee excludes transportation to/from attractions, food and drink. There is no hotel pickup and drop-off. 

  5. Please book at least 3 weeks in advance. 

  6. To book a spot, please use the Contact Form or the chat button on this website.

  7. Confirmation is subject to availability and will be emailed to you.

  8. Once the date requested is available, full payment is required to secure your spot.

  9. An invoice will be emailed to you.

  10. Mode of payment can be made by either Pay Now (available for Singapore's residence only)  or credit card via Pay Pal (for overseas' participants).

  11. Your spot will be automatically cancelled if payment is not received by due date.

  12. Payment is non-refundable. 

  13. If for any reason that you cancel your paid booking 24 hours or less prior to the actual workshop date - Your slot will be considered used. You will have to purchase a new workshop session.

  14. If you cancel more than 24 hours prior to the actual workshop date - Postponement to another workshop date is possible provided Caroline is available on the requested date.

  15. We reserve the right to change the dates, route or venue of the workshop should there be any unforeseen circumstances that arise which are beyond our control. Such circumstances can be due to heavy rain and lightning which makes outdoor shoot impossible. Your safety is also our priority. 

  16. This is a photography workshop to learn photography so you can take stunning photos of your travels, in low light and in the night. This is NOT a guided city tour or historical tour. If you want a detailed and informative guided tour of Singapore, please book with a tour operator or a tourist guide.


Thank You. I've received your message and will reply soon.