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iPhone Photography Workshop


2 Hours

(10am - 12pm

or 6.30pm - 8.30pm)


Any Day Subject To Availability


$150.00 per person

Group Size

Maximum 3 participants

Meeting Location

Clarke Quay

Your iPhone is capable of taking stunning and amazing photos and videos. Have you used it to its fullest potential? 

This 2 hours workshop combined with a photo walk will help you to better your iPhone photography and videography skills. The workshop is conducted at locations that give you the best learning experience. At the end of this workshop, you will expect to have the fundamental skills in taking professional-looking photos and videos of your travels, hobbies and much other stuff with your iPhone. If you are a content creator, this will definitely help you to create awesome visual content for your social media.   


If you would like a better understanding of how to work with low-light challenges and master techniques to create stunning and colourful night photos and videos. The evening session is recommended.

What Is Covered In This Workshop

  1. Get to know all the useful in-camera settings set up for photography and videography

  2. Learn composition to better your smartphone photography

  3. Discover ways to work with light especially challenging ones

  4. Create interesting and special effects images using the in-camera settings 

  5. Discover techniques to take action photos, portraits, selfies and wefies

  6. Learn techniques to capture video  

  7. Learn to create stunning night photos (if you are taking the evening session)

  8. Post-editing of images 

By The End Of The Workshop

  1. You will know how to use all the different in-camera modes for photo and video taking

  2. Your composition skill will improve

  3. You will understand how to work with light in all lighting situations to create stunning images

  4. You will be able to create images with different effects

  5. You will know how to enhance your iPhone photos with editing apps

What Do You Need For The Workshop?

  1. Fully charged iPhone of any model with the latest updates

  2. External battery charger

  3. Drinking water

  4. Wear comfortable clothing.  

  5. Wear comfortable walking shoes or sandals


Caroline is a great teacher. She is very concise in her explanation of the iPhone camera settings, functions and photo editing features. After attending the workshop, I feel that I am able to fully utilise the iPhone camera to take better photos and videos. Overall, I'm very satified with the workshop and felt that it was worth every cent. Thank you! ~ Manfred

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Please read the Booking Terms before booking a spot.

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