Learn or better your skills in photographing at night in low light and to create stunning images with long exposure at various locations around Singapore.

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I am a professional travel photographer. My signature workshop in Singapore is night photography. These workshops are designed for anyone who wants to learn or better their skills in low light, long exposure as well as travel photography. Singapore is totally transformed in the night, into a colourful and vibrant city. This is a great opportunity to photograph stunning sceneries and subjects in different lightings, from twilight hour to night. The group size is kept to a maximum of 4 persons to ensure quality coaching is extended to every participant.

Singapore River After Dark

2 hours (6.30 pm to 8.30 pm)

If you don't have the whole night to spare, join this 2 hours workshop that coaches you the basic elements of night photography, providing you with tips and techniques of low light and long exposure photography.

Historical to Futuristic Singapore

4 hours (5.30 pm to 9.30 pm)

Learn street, architecture, low light and night photography within an ethnic neighbourhood with a mix of historical architecture, colourful artistic street to the futuristic Marina Bay area.

Chinatown Street & Night Photography

4 hours (5.30 pm to 9.30 pm)

Hone your night photography skill at Chinatown. Learn to capture breathtaking night cityscape and the night street photography of this vibrant district.

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Prefer a Custom-Made Workshop?

Email me. Let me know your photography interest and photography level.

What Do You Need For Night Photography Workshop:

1. Your camera (DSLR, mirrorless or any digital camera)

2. Wide angle lens with hood. If you have any other lens that you want to try it out, please feel free to bring them.

3. Tripod

4. Remote trigger

5. Few fully charged battery

6. Memory cards

7. Insect Repellant

8. Drinking water

9. Wear comfortable clothing

10. Wear comfortable walking shoes or sandal

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Is This A Tour?

These are photography workshops to learn photography so you can take stunning photos of your travels and in the night. This is NOT a guided city tour or historical tour. If you want a detailed and informative guided tour of Singapore, please book with a tour operator or a tourist guide.

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