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Night Photography Workshop


4 Hours


(5.30pm - 9.30pm)


Any Day Subject To Availability


$280.00 per person

(Private One-On-One Workshop)

Meeting Location

Clarke Quay


Clarke Quay to Marina Bay

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The city is amazingly stunning as it transforms from sunset into night. Your photography learning experience will be conducted along a section of the Singapore River to the Marina Bay area. This route is surrounded by modern and historical architecture with the endless movement of riverboats. It provides the required subjects of interest to photograph in low light and to acquire the skills of night photography. Along the scenic riverside, you will be guided to unique angles to enhance your composition skill with a variety of cityscapes which includes olden days shophouses, national monuments such as The Fullerton Hotel, historical bridges and a cluster of the Central Business District. At Marina Bay, you will photograph the futuristic scene of Singapore, which includes the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade Theater By the Bay as part of a travel photography exercise. The workshop ends in the vicinity of Merlion Park.


Note: This workshop is also suitable for beginners who would like to include the learning of basic photography

What Is Covered In This Workshop

  1. Learn techniques of low light photography in various lighting from sunset to night

  2. Learn techniques of long exposure

  3. Identify and work with the camera settings to enhance your photography qualities 

  4. Enhance your visual storytelling skills like a travel photographer

By The End Of The Workshop

  1. You will know how to make full use of your in-camera settings to photograph in different and challenging light situations

  2. You will be able to create different effects in capturing fascinating images in low light and in the night

  3. You will know how to use the long exposure techniques to create interesting effects including light trails, light bursts and smooth silky waters.

  4. You will have the basic knowledge of identifying subjects that will make your travel photography interesting and memorable

What Do You Need For The Workshop

  1. Your camera (DSLR, mirrorless or any digital camera)

  2. Wide-angle lens with hood. If you have any other lenses that you want to try out, please feel free to bring them.

  3. Few fully charged battery

  4. Memory cards

  5. Tripod

  6. Remote trigger or download your camera app to your smartphone to use as a trigger

  7. Drinking water

  8. Wear comfortable clothing.  

  9. Wear comfortable walking shoes or sandals


Caroline is so knowledgeable. I levelled up 20x as a photographer after going on her night photography tour, and I have been shooting for about a decade. Got some amazing shots I never would have caught otherwise and she explains everything so thoroughly. Absolutely worth it - don’t hesitate to book this if you want to improve your skills! ~ Jeanna

It was a wonderful experience! Caroline Pang is personable and has a unique style of teaching night and street photography. She shared with me many tricks and camera settings to photoshoot under low light environment and how to frame subjects from different angles. The workshop was so enjoyable that time just zoomed by ~ Sybil

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